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James Lafferty



A serial entrepreneur and forward-thinking company builder with a track record of excellence and success. Successfully built multiple companies in a broad range of industries. Experienced with board positions, principal investment, complex contract negotiation, product development, business strategy, production and manufacturing, shipping and distribution.


Paul Kobasiuk

COO & Co-Founder


Paul has been a leader in the Canadian cannabis industry for nearly two decades. Paul has participated and led, in the design, build and operations of over 50 grow facilities totalling over 350,000 square feet. With each successive facility he has designed and completed, Paul has built on past experience incorporating the latest techniques and technologies to push yields higher, ensure operational efficiencies and develop cultivar-specific knowledge.

Terry Line



Terry started his career in the cannabis industry as one of the founders of TGOD. His role there included raising money, overseeing the licensing process, and hiring the team that went on to raise 450 million dollars for the venture. As the founder, President and Chairman of the Board of Kanata Earth Terry promoted science-based findings that led the company to publish the first white paper on cannabis in Nature Magazine, and also worked with and represented the Saskatchewan Research Council’s analytical lab to the cannabis industry. His passion for science-based results and helping others protect their company's future growth led him to the team at Nine Lions.

Jamie Morrison


Jamie is a trailblazer in bringing Organic cannabis production to the masses with 25 years of organic cultivation under his belt. Morrison developed a complete organic grow system that was eventually distributed Canada-wide and on the west coast of the US. Cannabis genetics have always been at the forefront of his success. Jamie is a legacy producer and has been able to stay ahead of the curve by setting the standard in the market with genetic varieties that have won him several cannabis cups over the years and has been featured in multiple cannabis articles including feature stories in Venture and Emerald.

Dr. Philippe Henry

Chief Science Officer

A leading Canadian cannabis geneticist and former evolutionary genetics professor, has spearheaded various scientific endeavors in the cannabis sector. His expertise lies in predictive chemotyping, aiming to prioritize transparency, consistency, and traceability in the psychotropic industry. Notable roles include former CTO at Digipath Labs, CTO at VSSL, and VP of R&D at Flowr. Additionally, he serves as a scientific advisor to The Emerald Flower Farm, Lighthouse Genomics, and Ceden You.

Douglas Marvin


As a trained Agronomist Doug brings 20+ years of cannabis cultivation to our team. Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Colorado State University, is the Co Founder of SEAL (licensed cannabis cultivation & extraction company in Colorado), and was formerly a member of the Professional Technical Services Team with The Hawthorne Gardening Co. (wholly owned subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro).

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